Get Started with Vector97

Welcome to the Vector97 Enrollment Portal.

From here, you can easily enroll in the program, sign the necessary paperwork electronically, obtain important contact information, and upload any other required documents.

How it works

Vector97 will utilize its buying power and knowledge of the industry to drive down your rates, 35% on average. Vector97 will work with your existing vendors and same service levels to renegotiate your waste hauling rates, negotiate preferred hauler contract terms, and going forward, audit the monthly hauler invoices to assure accuracy. Once you complete the electronic enrollment, a Vector97 Representative will contact you to confirm your information and provide status of the negotiations.

Please follow the easy steps below which only require a few minutes of your time.

  1. Complete the Form Fields
  2. Electronically sign the Agreement and LOA, once Form Fields are completed
  3. Upload Hauler Invoice(s) and Hauler Contract(s)
  4. Submit Order
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