Create simplicity by organizing your invoicing data.

Our technology, processes, and methodology increases your sustainability efforts, optimizes costs, and creates visibility into your data, giving you back control of your AP process, capping escalating costs, and allowing you to design the financial and environmental system your business needs.

Our platform can maximize your resources through the optimization of contractual terms with your vendors, employing the correct services and equipment design with the best in market pricing. All this while giving you unprecedented insights that drive long-term efficiency, allowing you and your team to focus on key initiatives and core business activities.

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What We Do

What We Do

Simplify your data

Capturing data is one thing but visualizing and figuring out what to do with all of it is another challenge entirely. Visibility and control of your data, terms, and pricing allow for more key initiatives, such as crafting a waste and recycling program with an effective sustainability strategy. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and warm data analysis, our SaaS platform can take all your invoicing data streams and turn them into a beautiful and easy to understand dashboard, bringing transparency and organization to a complex system. Making financial choices becomes simple with Vector97.

Optimize your expenses

If you’re in charge of controlling costs, you know it isn’t as simple as asking for fair market pricing from your waste and recycling vendors. The traditional bid process and RFPs do not yield the best fair market pricing. The process may appear simple, but from the contract terms and the limitations of pricing flexibility, to the carrying out of the agreed pricing and term for the contracted services, a lot can — and often does — go wrong. The result is companies and organizations are continually overpaying for things they don’t receive or need, and vendors are getting a bad rep for overcharging, even when it’s not their intention. Combining decades of industry background and trailblazing new Machine Learning technology, you can maximize your company’s resources with Vector97.

Build sustainability

Gathering and analyzing sustainability data from vendors can be difficult and a massive investment of time and resources. If you’re in charge of sustainability for a large business or organization, you know how difficult it is to access this data — even the largest national vendors have a difficult time aggregating and presenting data in ways which are usable to their clients.

The result is companies are having to hire additional staff, bend their internal process to meet the limitations of their vendors, and delay their efforts to create sustainable processes in their business. By using and integrating what is known as “warm data” into our machine learning algorithms, we can capture, analyze, and optimize processes in your company you didn’t even know existed.

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