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What We Do

At Vector97, we have served numerous companies and organizations, offering our expertise to streamline waste management, optimize costs, and promote sustainability.

With our years of experience, expertise, and proven track record, we stand as leaders in the industry, helping clients across various sectors achieve their waste management goals.

Our blog covers a wide range of topics, including waste and recycling program management, data-driven insights, vendor selection, sustainability best practices, and cost reduction strategies. By staying up-to-date with our blog, you’ll gain access to valuable information and practical tips that can drive significant improvements in your waste management processes.

Stay tuned for our latest blog posts and be at the forefront of waste management innovation with Vector97.


What Does an Expense Reduction Advisor Do?

An expense reduction advisor examines your bills and determines opportunities for cutting costs. An experienced advisor has worked in the industries that serve your business and knows how to compare your expenses against industry averages. They advise you on what actions will provide the best results and implements them on your behalf. You may think

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Offset Inflation With These Four Optimization Priorities

Inflation continues to affect the economy, and warning signs of a possible recession persist. No matter what financial storms 2023 brings, one thing is certain: Forward-thinking CFOs will examine every area of spend to find cost reduction opportunities. In a Grant Thornton survey, 58% of CFOs say cost optimization is their biggest concern this year. Learn how

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