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Vector97 Reduces S&P 500 Company’s Waste Costs by 19.6%

Our client, an S&P 500 company, is a leading real estate investment trust (REIT) with a highly diversified portfolio of approximately 1,400 senior housing and healthcare properties. They average billions per year in asset investment activity.
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Vector97 Reduces Care Facilities’ Solid Waste Disposal Costs by 30.46%

The client is an independent, academic healthcare system with over 8,500 staff and 1,100 physicians operating 42 primary care locations, 13 outpatient facilities, four acute care facilities, and 1,000+ beds.
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Take The Waste Out Of Waste Management: 6 Keys To Optimize Waste Removal Spend

With inflation reaching its highest point in more than 40 years, CFOs are taking a closer look at ways to contain fixed-cost spend categories. When it comes to waste and recycling costs, it’s not as simple as asking your vendors ...
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What Does an Expense Reduction Advisor Do?

An expense reduction advisor examines your bills and determines opportunities for cutting costs. An experienced advisor has worked in the industries that serve your business and knows how to compare your expenses against industry averages. They advise you on what ...
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Offset Inflation With These Four Optimization Priorities

Inflation continues to affect the economy, and warning signs of a possible recession persist. No matter what financial storms 2023 brings, one thing is certain: Forward-thinking CFOs will examine every area of spend to find cost reduction opportunities. In a Grant ...
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