We believe in our process, invest in our people, and create meaningful results for our clients.

About Us

The leaders of Vector97 have been advocating for clients since 1997.

Vector97 has focused on supporting clients by diligently managing all aspects of their waste and recycling programs, including data management, contractual terms, administration management, invoice auditing, sustainability strategies, and waste reduction. It’s this disciplined approach that has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in client savings and a reduction of hours invested by internal staff.

We act in the interest of our clients and aren’t affiliated or aligned with any specific vendor or technology. We use our vast knowledge, smart actionable data, and massive buying power to ensure the optimal vendor is selected, the correct technology or methodology is used for each application, and data is aggregated and converted to be actionable for our clients.

Our team has managed close to one billion dollars of utility spend for our clients. In addition, Vector97 operates across a myriad of verticals — from clients that have hundreds of locations to single properties — in every state in the U.S. and across Canada. There is a reason the biggest and brightest employ Vector97.

Process, People and Results

Our Process

The invoicing and servicing in the waste industry is unnecessarily complex and arduous. We have designed a workflow management system and underlying processes to automate where possible, take the most difficult but necessary methods to collect every piece of data necessary to manage the waste and recycling programs, to make visible the details necessary to secure the fair terms and best in market pricing while keeping vendors accountable to provide the service contractually promised.

Our People

We build people to work together to serve clients. The Vector97 team is supported by advanced technology to ensure they can serve our clients expertly. By designing and operating a proprietary workflow management system detailing and managing the steps ensuring each action is completed in a timely manner with expert precision, our Team Members know when they succeed and when they fail. This process driven approach clearly displays when the best possible outcomes are created for clients through defined metrics and managed workflows. As our people grow in Vector97, they participate more and more in the evolution of the workflows that manage the company, provide the product, and offer assurances to clients that they will experience a predictable outcome engineered by successful Team Members.

Meaningful Results

In the waste and recycling industry there are problems due to a myriad of issues such as shortages of drivers, mechanical issues, logistics issues, billing accuracy problems, oppressive contractual terms and so much more. The meaningful results created by Vector97 range from simple items such as seeing your pricing reduced by 15%–25%, to complex multi-vendor and multi-waste stream solutions maximizing space, time, and resources to create a better solution. The team at Vector97, and you have access to all the detailed data you need to constantly evolve your workflow with very little effort.

Corporate Beliefs

  • We believe our business is a gift and a blessing. It is first and foremost an opportunity to serve people and we find great joy in serving others.
  • We believe our clients deserve fair and honest vendor contracts.
  • We believe our clients deserve the best possible pricing.
  • We believe our clients deserve timely and correct invoices.
  • We believe our clients have the right to access their data in a useful and understandable way.
  • We believe our clients deserve world class customer service from their Vendors!

The Vector97 Team

CEO and Founder
EVP of Sales
Vice President
EVP of Operations
Director of Operations
Director of Customer Service
Senior Director of Customer Service
Sales Manager

How we Simplify, Optimize, and Build for you


Vector97 manages your usage and spend by capturing all current data and putting it through rigorous classification, categorization and analytics process.


With our workflow management platform and a dedicated team of professionals, all invoices are data scraped, audited, and monitored for overcharges, efficiencies and investigated for potential process improvement.


Vector97 provides custom billing and pricing structures such as a management fee, subscription to Workflow Management Systems (WMS 2.0), and/or savings share.


Vector97 supports our clients to understand their current services, the contractual terms, the solution design and execution, regulatory mandates, accuracy of invoices, and integration into current AP processes.
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