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Optimizing Waste and Recycling Costs

Vector97 is a division of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, the nation’s leading provider of cost reduction and contract compliance services.  The Vector team manages all aspects of complex, error-prone waste and recycling programs for businesses. As corporate advocates and industry authorities, we ensure fair rates and practices, keep vendors in compliance, eliminate costly billing errors, and simplify the path to sustainability for your smartest waste management spend yet.

At Vector97, we believe in our process, invest in our people, and create meaningful results for our clients. Our team of dedicated professionals advocate for waste and recycling cost and operational optimizations and are committed to diligently managing all aspects of waste and recycling programs for our clients across the United States and Canada.

Our disciplined approach sets us apart. We handle data management, contractual terms, administration management, invoice auditing, sustainability strategies, and waste reduction with meticulous attention to detail. We find an average of $176 per billing error. These savings add up.  Through this approach, we’ve saved over $250 million for our clients to date.

Vector has over $1 billion in utility spend under management and we serve a wide variety of clients from real estate investment portfolios, REITs, property management companies, and individual property owners totalling 54,000 properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Process, People and Results

Our Process:

Streamlining Waste Management

Waste industry invoicing and servicing is notoriously complex. Vector97 has designed a streamlined a workflow management system to simplify and automate these processes by collecting every piece of data necessary to effectively manage waste and recycling programs. We make those details visible, ensure fair terms, secure the best market pricing, and hold vendors accountable to their service promises.

Our People:

Serving Clients with Industry Expertise and Benchmarking Data

At Vector97, we believe that great people make all the difference. Our team is supported by advanced technology to serve our clients with expert precision. Our proprietary workflow management system ensures that every action is completed in a timely manner, fostering a sense of achievement and accountability among our team members. We empower our employees to contribute to the evolution of our workflows, enabling them to provide clients with predictable and successful outcomes.

Meaningful Results:

Optimizing Waste Removal Costs

In the waste and recycling industry, numerous challenges hinder efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These challenges include driver shortages, mechanical issues, logistics problems, billing accuracy issues, and oppressive contractual terms. At Vector97, we address these challenges head-on, delivering meaningful results to our clients. Our solutions range from reducing pricing to implementing multi-vendor and multi-waste stream strategies that optimize space, time, and resources. With Vector97, you gain access to detailed data, enabling continuous workflow improvement with minimal effort.

Our Team

Jack Johnson
Marc Savas
Steve Sims
Shelly Binnette
Jack Johnson
Marc Savas
Steve Sims
Shelly Binnette

Corporate Beliefs

At Vector97, we believe that our business is a gift and a blessing and find great joy in serving others, operating with these core beliefs:

  • Our clients deserve fair and honest vendor contracts.
  • Our clients deserve the best possible pricing.
  • Our clients deserve timely and correct invoices.
  • Our clients have the right to access their data in a useful and understandable way.
  • Our clients deserve world-class customer service from their vendors.
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