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At Vector97, we provide comprehensive waste management solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our expertise in waste and recycling program management allows us to execute cost-effective and sustainable strategies tailored to the specific needs of each industry. With a focus on solid waste and recycling, we help streamline operations and maximize efficiency across various sectors.

Organic Waste

We address organic waste, including food waste, helping businesses implement sustainable waste management strategies. In some states, diverting organic waste from landfills is a legal requirement, while in others, it is a best practice.

Solid Waste

We streamline the management of solid waste, optimizing waste collection, and disposal processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Medical Waste

In healthcare facilities, we manage the complex task of medical waste disposal. Our team negotiates medical waste contracts on behalf of hospitals, clinics, and outpatient offices, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards.


We prioritize recycling and work with businesses to develop effective recycling programs that maximize resource recovery and minimize waste.

Multifamily Housing

We assist homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations (COAs) in managing their solid waste and recycling programs, ensuring optimal waste management practices.

Student Housing

During the turn periods between academic years, we help student housing facilities efficiently handle the increased waste generated, including furniture, boxes, and other items. We coordinate the turn process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Senior Living Centers

In senior living communities, we address the organic waste generated, such as food waste. Our waste management strategies, including diversion from landfills, help communities meet state requirements and best practices.

Commercial Spaces & Offices

We provide waste management solutions for commercial office spaces, focusing on solid waste and recycling, ensuring efficient waste collection and disposal practices.

Hospitality / Hotels

For hotels and hospitality establishments, we specialize in managing organic waste, particularly food waste. Our expertise ensures compliance with state regulations and helps implement best practices for waste diversion.

Mobile Home Communities & RV Parks

In seasonal RV parks, we adapt waste management services based on fluctuating waste levels and adjust service levels accordingly, optimizing waste collection and disposal.

Manufacturing / Industrial

We assist manufacturing and industrial facilities in managing various waste streams, including wood pallets and plastics. We analyze invoices to capture waste stream data and optimize waste management processes.

Restaurants & Food Service

With a focus on organic waste, including food waste, we help restaurants implement sustainable waste management practices. We also handle unique waste pickups, such as grease traps.

Hospitals / Healthcare

In healthcare settings, we specialize in medical waste management, negotiating medical waste contracts on behalf of hospitals, clinics, and outpatient offices. We also address organic waste, including food waste from cafeterias.

What We Do

  • Enjoy effortless access to all your vendor contracts and invoices within our user-friendly client portal
  • Streamline your management procedures with our waste billing software
  • Access immediate, real-time data about all aspects of your waste management
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  • Achieve the most competitive rates from your vendors, backed by our three-decade history of data benchmarks
  • Reap the rewards of advantageous contract terms as we steward your waste procurement vendors to unprecedented standards
  • Reclaim your team's time and let us shoulder all your waste management requirements
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  • Keep pace with sustainability practices thanks to built-in, standardized ESG reporting
  • Boost your bottom line and reduce your carbon emissions, all in one
  • Build reporting that might be required by the latest environmental regulations
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At Vector97, we understand the unique waste management challenges faced by each industry. Our tailored solutions optimize waste streams, improve efficiency, and promote sustainability. Contact us today for a waste cost analysis and discover how our expertise can benefit your industry.
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