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Struggling with confusing charges & fees and thorough auditing of vendor invoices? With Vector97’s proprietary Workflow Management System (WMS 2.0), you’ll receive fully audited, accurate vendor invoices with unmatched efficiency and ease.

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Streamlined Waste Billing: Experience Easy Invoicing with Vector97

Optimize waste management costs and man-hours with an average $176 per invoice identified and corrected. Vector97 successfully corrects billing errors on an average of 9.6% of all invoices audited.

  • Leverage advanced invoice scraping technology with our waste management billing software for swift receipt and auditing of vendor invoices
  • Ensure every charge aligns with the contract through meticulous line-by-line validation


  • Enjoy effortless access to all your vendor contracts and invoices within our user-friendly client portal
  • Streamline your management procedures with our waste billing software
  • Access immediate, real-time data about all aspects of your waste management


  • Achieve the most competitive rates from your vendors, backed by our three-decade history of data benchmarks
  • Reap the rewards of advantageous contract terms as we steward your waste procurement vendors to unprecedented standards
  • Reclaim your team’s time and let us shoulder all your waste management requirements


  • Keep pace with sustainability practices thanks to built-in, standardized ESG reporting
  • Boost your bottom line and reduce your carbon emissions, all in one
  • Build reporting that might be required by the latest environmental regulations

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