Procurement & Pricing Optimization


When you turn to Vector97 for your waste management needs, you’ll connect your business to a smooth, streamlined process that’s designed to reduce waste costs and increase transparency. From vendor contract negotiation all the way to the landfill, each step of your waste procurement plan is an opportunity for increased efficiency.


We draw on decades of experience across numerous industries to make your process simpler, cheaper, and more reliable, eliminating the outdated model of bidding through RFPs. With Vector97’s expertise, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and receive exactly what you ask for.

How do we optimize the efficiency and pricing of your waste disposal?

Our decades of knowledge allow us to promote waste cost reduction on multiple levels. Whichever type of waste your company produces, be it as complex as medical or as simple as recyclables, we can tell you how much your business should be producing, using comprehensive data to determine industry standards. With that in mind, we can offer detailed strategies for reducing your output. If you’re overpaying for unnecessary or inefficient hauling equipment, we’ll help you switch to a vendor that’s right for your business.

We keep track of technological advancements in waste management, so we can always let you know if there’s a more sustainable method to dispose of your waste.

And we know how to recognize a trustworthy vendor, one that’s appropriate for your industry and ready to negotiate a fair contract. We will make sure your waste materials are properly invoiced, efficiently hauled, and disposed of correctly, so you can slash your net waste cost.

When you choose to get started with us, you’ll submit your business’s up-to-date invoices and hauling contracts for a thorough data-driven analysis. Once we’ve established a clear picture of your current waste procurement system, we can renegotiate your existing contracts with trusted service providers or start negotiations with new vendors—all at fairer, more affordable prices.

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