Waste & Recycling Management Solutions

Vector97’s technology, processes, and methodology offer a 360° view of your data, increase your sustainability efforts, optimize your costs, and create transparency in your budgets. We design the financial and environmental system your business and customers deserve.

Trusted with over $1 Billion in Utility Spend across 54,000 Properties

Managing waste & recycling programs since 1997

Our team shoulders your data management, vendor contract negotiations, administration management, invoice auditing, sustainability strategies, and waste reduction with meticulous attention to detail.

Learn more about how we’ve saved clients over $250 million to date.

Simplify Your Data

Capturing data is one thing, but visualizing and figuring out what to do with all of it is another challenge entirely. Using our state-of-the-art machine learning and warm data analysis, making financial choices becomes simple.

Optimize Your Expenses

Traditional bid processes and RFPs don’t yield the best fair market pricing. Between contract terms, limitations on pricing flexibility, to carrying out agreed pricing and terms, a lot can — and often does — go wrong. Our decades of industry experience and proprietary workflow management system ensure you receive best-in-class pricing and optimize your company’s resources.

Build Sustainability

Gathering and analyzing sustainability data from vendors can be difficult and a massive investment of time and resources. Even the largest national vendors have a difficult time aggregating and presenting data in ways which are usable to their clients. By using and integrating what is known as “warm data” into our machine learning algorithms, we can capture, analyze, and optimize processes in your company you didn’t even know existed.

Waste Management Billing Software

With our proprietary Workflow Management System, you’ll receive fully audited, accurate vendor invoices with unmatched efficiency and ease.

Waste Invoice Auditing

Nearly 10% of invoices contain billing errors. Our platform automatically finds misalignments between what's charged and your contracted rates and terms.

Waste Pricing Optimization

We leverage our deep industry knowledge, proprietary software, and comprehensive pricing data to reduce waste management fees across all of your locations.

Zero Waste Consulting

We pave your way toward your efficiency and sustainability goals while maintaining ESG compliance through data aggregation, analysis, and insights.

Data Aggregation & Waste Reporting Software

With all data streams consolidated into a single dashboard, you can gain full control and transparency over your waste data.

Waste Management Customer Support Services

Simplify customer support by funneling waste-related communication and problems to a single point of contact. A dedicated Vector97 representative will efficiently address all of your issues.

Waste Consulting & Contract Negotiation

Secure fair arrangements and reduce vendor pricing. Establish uniform rates and terms across all your vendor agreements with annual price caps incorporated.
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In client savings
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Properties served

$1 Billion

In utilities spend managed


In total savings per client

Businesses like yours use Vector97 to take control of their Waste & Recycling Programs and costs.

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